Gun Transfers

Find a Gun you want in stock from another location?

We will transfer your weapon to Bargain Hunter Outdoors for a small fee and get you on your way as soon as possible.

We value our customers and want them to have access to the gun they want.

As always, we will service your needs as if you puchased the weapon from us.

Use Bargain Hunter Outdoors for your next gun transfer!


Layaway & Consignments

We are please to offer layaway and consignment services to our customers.


Our layaway process is simple: 

Minimum 20% down  

3 easy monthly payments (customer must make a preset payment each month)

90 days to make final payment.

​*Layaway service is available on full price retail items only. No sale, discounted, closeout, or special priced items will be available for layaway.


Consignments are based on a 20% fee system:

Determine the price you would like to recieve for your product.

Present a goverment issue ID (example-Tx DL)

Fill out and sign our consignment contract

When the item sells, We take 20% and send you a check on the 15th of the month

Consignment term is 60 days. Reference the consignment contract for more details.

*We do not consign older bows and some fire arms. Call Store to verify consignment on these items.


  1. I understand that I must complete an ATF form 4473 and submit it to a NICS background check to reclaim my firearm if not sold or if the contract is terminated prematurely.
  2. I understand that employess of Bargain Hunter Outdoors will inspect each of my items to determine which items will be displayed for sale, which items will be returned to me or donated to chairy.
  3. Bargain Hunter Outdoors will display your item for a period of 60 days at which time the items will be marked down and displayed an addition 30 days. If the items are not sold after 90 days, we reserve the right to remove those items or continue to offer them for sale. Owner of firearm will be called before price is adjusted.
  4. At the end of the 90 day period consignors must pick up their items or they will become property of Bargain Hunter Outdoors. It is the consignor’s responsibility to keep track of their 90 day period.
  5. Any item not claimed within 7 calendar days of the consignment expiration date becomes property of Bargain Hunter Outdoors and will be donated to charity or sold.
  6. Our consignment fee is ________, paid on the 15th of each month. You as a consignor have a 3 day grace period to puck up your monies durning normal business hours.
  7. All items are priced by Bargain Hunter Outdoors unless other arrangements are made and must be in writing, signed and dated.
  8. We ask that all merchandise be in excellent condition and clean. There is a $20.00 fee if Bargain Hunter outdoors has to clean merchandise which will be deducted from the consignors pay.
  9. Bargain Hunter Outdoors has the right to reject any merchandise upon their discretion.
  10. Bargain Hunter Outdoors is not responsible for any lost, broken, or stolen merchandise.


For gunmithing service please call: Sean Fraser 817-705-8671  |  800  Slip Rd. Poolville, TX 76487

Used Gun Appraisals

Bring in your pre-owned firearm and let our specialists at Bargain Hunter Outdoors inspect and appraise your weapon.

Know what the fair market value and street value of your weapon, and if desired get a quote from our store for trade-in, purchase, or store credit.

*Tax and Insurance Appraiasls:

 Registered appraisals for tax or insurance purposes are $40 per Gun. We require extra time on large quanity orders.

*Remember, we buy, sell, and trade new and used guns!

Archery Pro Shop

We service every bow like it was purchased here!

Full time Bow-Tech with a Full pro-staff, and expert assistance.

Personal One-On-One Customer Service

Youth archery education program.

Indoor 20 yard range with 8 lanes and a WELL-LIT shooting line.

Draw length assesment & Draw weight adjustments. 

Custom string shop


Sight-INs, Paper-Tuning & Cam-Tuning

Arrow cutting and Broadhead tuning

Other Services Available Upon Request