Family Time

Family Time:

Traditionally May – July are slow months for the avid outdoorsman in Texas. The heat just makes everything in the field seem like you should stay away. In all actuality the pre-summer and pre-hunting season can be the hottest action you’ve seen. I’ve taken some time to suggest some activities that can maximize your “relational bank deposits” with your loved ones while preparing to make that “relational bank withdrawal” in the coming Open Season.

1. The Big Green Egg – cooking out each night for supper tends to make the family want to hang out together on the porch and around the table. Its also amazing how many neighbors and friends come out of the woodwork when a great grilling party is going on. The Big Green Egg (in stock now) comes in 6 great sizes to match your needs and will cook everything from pizza, wings, a rack of ribs, to a whole pig. Organic coal and a convection system makes cooking a breeze for the beginner. Pick up your system and invite your family and friends over tonight. We will deliver and build the systems for you for $100 extra.

2. Hot Fishing Action – the major spawn is over in many lakes but even in June there are late spawners. This leaves a chance for that double digit bass you’ve been after. Bluegill are spawning and not only are hard fighting for their size but provide a really good option for a fish fry. You dads that aren’t into the outdoors can get into the action with your kids too. Come by the store and grab a ready to go rod and reel combo and a box of night crawlers. Find your favorite hole at the river, the lake or your local pond. You can be fishing before the sun comes up, back in town for a quick breakfast and home before you break a sweat.

3. The Family Hunting Lease – Many fathers choose to keep their hunting leases as a private sanctuary for their time off from their busy schedules. This time in the season there are some great opportunities for the whole family to get involved with dad’s prep.

a. Feeders and Food Plots – now is the time to make sure that your feeders are all working correctly. Change out batteries, run test feeds, make sure the solar panels are still good. Feeding through the summer months on short feeding bursts keeps your animals coming around. This also gets the maintenance out of the way before it gets hot and keeps your sweaty human oder from contaminating your hunting area right before the opening of the deer season. Taking the kids or your wife with you gives you an extra hand, an opportunity for a picnic, and gives them the ownership and pride you have in your lease or property. Make a stop by the store and allow them to help you in your selections and maintenance purchases. You might need to send one of them to the store for you in an emergency!

b. Blind Placement and Cutting Shooting Lanes – Building blinds, cutting, plowing and prep is a very invasive process for any hunting area. The closer you get to the season the more sensitive this operation gets. Getting out in the field before August is not only a smart thing to do for comfort but also is strategic in your quest for success in the coming season. You definitely need helping hands and second eyes to set your lanes, and a runner for supplies.

c. The Reward – Sit in the new blind and look through the new lanes over your food plot or feeder. Wait for the feeder to go off for the first time. This can be your kids chance to take a wary coyote or a hog trying to hit the new food source. Awesome photo opportunity. Don’t forget to send your pictures to We love to post in our store, on social media and on the website to show off our customer’s success in the field.

We are here to help you with the short amount of time you have to make your next outdoor adventure happen.